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Why bring a child into this world

Why bring a child into this world

Name: Why bring a child into this world

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Given that there is a large amount of suffering in every human life, and that bringing a child into this world therefore implies exposing a human being to such . Yesterday, four little Palestinian boys from the same family playing on a Gaza beach were killed by an Israeli missile. Today, a plane full of. But in an increasingly hostile and unstable world, I have found myself in recent years questioning whether bringing another soul into it is a selfish or.

A major airline pilot deliberately flew his plane into a mountain to kill all Then someone said, "I wouldn't want to bring a child into the world. Why the f**k do people insist on having children? If you gave me 1 Billion dollars, I still would not bring a life into this horrific existence. “I don't wanna bring children into this crazy world!” I've thought it. Have you? girl reading newspaper Terror attacks. Human trafficking. Natural.

The theme of the lesson is the question why we would bring children into a world filled with the terrors of war and the desperation of disease.


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